Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Spirit Box - by JH Glaze

Beginning with a story in a story it grips you as much as the unwilling woman and the shopkeeper. It’s almost like you’re sucked into the legend too. When you seek power from lies and cons you play right into the devils hands. Alron had been a survivor of war that had destroyed his own people, fleeing those lands he stole the robes of the Shaman before he left. Insinuating himself among the people of Krag as a Dark Holy Shaman with word from the gods gained him high position. But when the time came to make good on a promise to the king all the power Alron had masqueraded as his own would manifest in his body, but it would be the power of the spirit riding him. After witnessing the power of The Sprit Box the woman realizes just what it is she has bought into but how far would she be willing to go?

Isn’t it amazing how you can set out to solve one thing only to stumble into something totally different? Well that is what happens to John Hazard. As he searches for a killer the trail leads him to a case much larger than anyone could have suspected and what he is bound to find is far more grisly than just one murder scene. Walt had never remembered his childhood and his mother was always having to fill in the memories for him. Work wasn’t anything spectacular for Walt but at least it was a job. So when his mother dies and he is fired from his job he isn’t left with many options. Finally with time on his hands he decides to research a dream he’d been having, so he goes into his mother’s shop in search of the object and low and behold it really exists. But what could be so important about this box that could cause Walt to dream about it?

This is a fabulous story written in such a way that it will have you in its grips to the end. Once I picked it up this morning I didn’t put it down till I was done. The great thing is that you get to find out all the answers to every question you have in this story. Even though this book is only book one of a series we aren’t left with any cliffhangers, which is really a nice turn of events and at the same time you are still excitedly awaiting the next book. The sequel is actually about to be released and it’s called NorthWest so you don’t have to wait long for more of John Hazard. So if you haven’t already read The Spirit Box go grab your copy and if you have be on the lookout for NorthWest:)

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