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Daemon's in the Mist giveaway winner

Amanda was the winner of our Daemon's in the Mist blog tour giveaway:) Congrats!

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Daemons in the Mist blog tour

Hello All, 
Today is my tour stop for Daemons in the Mist and I have a little mini interview with Alicia for you all:) Plus a giveaway of course.
1. It's obvious you are a talented artist, I have seen some of your work. So what made you decide to write too?

I get this question a lot, actually. First and foremost, I’m a storyteller. When I was little, I would create musicals for my parents. When I was older and in theater and dance, I told stories with my body and voice. In art school, I told stories with sequential images and narrative illustration.

But I’ve never been just a performer, or just an artist, or just a writer; I’m a storyteller, through and through, down to my core. I tell stories and sometimes they are with words, and sometimes they are with my body and sometimes they are with my art. Because sometimes stories are better told in one medium instead of another.

2. What would you say is the biggest obstacle to getting your work out there?

Getting your work out there in the first place. Making a commitment to actually make an effort to find new ways to interact with and build a new audience for your work. I’m good with interacting with my fans and potential readers face to face and on social media. My real flaw is that I have that ‘Just one more’ complex when it comes to actually sending my work out to publishers and potential clients. For example, I’ve been intending to send my work into ImagineFX magazine’s reader feature FXPose for years; I finally send it in a few weeks ago.

3. As an artist and as a writer have you had to deal with a lot of rejection for your work and what is the best way you find to overcome it?

Lately my writing has gotten a rather warm and enthusiastic reception. I’m continually shocked when half the fans that show up to my events are male, really it’s something I never expected. So I’m not much help there I guess. But I do have to say I read every critique, review or comment on my work. I listen with an open mind and try to understand what they are trying to tell me. Sometime it’s just not their thing, but other times what they have to say is invaluable and will help me grow as a creator.

With rejection you have to remember that they are not rejecting you. It’s not personal in the slightest. You have to remember that while an image or text is an art, it is also a product that someone is investing resources in. They have to do what is the best for them and the growth of their company.

If everyone only told you how good you were all the time, how would you ever improve?

4. In art what are your main influences? Who would you say are your main writing influences?

I have a lot of artistic influences, I have two whole bookcases dedicated to art books and the art of books. But I’d have to say I’m currently influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites, the Impressionists, Greg Hildebrant, Dan Dos Santos, Julie Dillon and Miyazaki films.

With writing I can’t say I have any specific influences. I read a lot of books and watch a lot of stories. I’d like to say my writing is influenced by everything I’ve ever felt, ever seen, ever heard. I put it all into a big melting pot and from it the worlds I create spring forth.

5. Last question is just for fun. Who is one person in this world that would cause you to have a total fan girl moment? and why?

Probably J.K. Rowling. Why? Because she J.K. Freakin’ Rowling, who wouldn’t have a total fan girl moment? But more seriously, she’s the person who got me back into reading youth fiction when I was in college, and she’s awesome.

Also meeting Rick Riordan would be awesome; I adore his books.

About Alicia Kat Dillman
Indie author & illustrator Alicia Kat Dillman is a lifelong resident of the San Francisco Bay Area. Kat illustrates and designs book covers & computer game art by day and writes teen fiction by night. The owner of two very crazy studio cats and nine overfull bookcases, Kat can usually be found performing, watching anime or hanging out in twitter chats when not playing in the imaginary worlds within her head.

Daemons in the Mist
Seventeen year old Patrick Connolly has been hopelessly infatuated with Nualla for years but he is all but invisible to her. Until, that is, he rescues her from a confrontation with her ex. Little does Patrick know he’s just set off a dangerous chain reaction that will thrust him into a world of life altering secrets and things that shouldn’t exist, because the fog and mist of San Francisco is concealing more than just buildings.

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