Saturday, April 7, 2012

Forgiven - by Tich Brewster

Growing up as a fatherless child is hard especially when your mom has to work to keep your house plus manage to keep food on the table. You do kind of end up raising yourself which is what Makayla and Thaddeus had done. Thaddeus was always the popular teenager but Makayla had only recently become so after ditching her friend Eryc. Now it’s the start of another school year and Makayla is still acting like Eryc is nothing in fact she’s even hostile.

Yet one night involving a horrible accident can change everything. With the thought of losing her mom and Eryc the only one beside her, she realizes how big of a mistake she made pushing him away. Not only does Mikayla have to deal with her mom’s recovery and Thaddeus’s drinking but she seems to be getting sick herself. Mikayla needs Eryc now more than ever but with everything she has to face can she count on Eryc to remain by her side even though she had ditched him? Not to mention will he stay after she reveals the biggest secret of her life?

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