Thursday, April 26, 2012

Forever (the sequel to Guardian)- by Gillian Joy

With Phelip on the run and unable to be found Hannah’s life still hasn’t seemed to find a settled state. She keeps having a reoccurring nightmare where she drowns and it’s causing Hannah to lose sleep. Her mum is terminally ill and her daughter is discovering way more about crudelitas than Hannah ever wanted. Plus with Sam off being part of the Vampire Custas it was now all on Hannah’s shoulders, she had the kids, the house, and her mom to care for not to mention a particular Fairy Prince who kept showing up. The Mermaids are also getting in on the action in this book with the only two members in Australia begging for Hannah to come swim with them and bringing up some reference to others who want to meet Hannah. So where could this lead? What’s worse in the whole aspect of things was the fairies have found out where Hannah lives and they also know about the children. Is there a chance that other crudelitas could know about them as well?

They always say that no good deed goes unpunished and for Hannah in the fairies case it seems to be true. Even though all she wants to do is help things end up going all pear-shaped with the fairies and things take a drastic change. It was like life just couldn’t seem to get its grip to settle back down and now Hannah was going to have to give in and swim with the mermaids.  She just can’t keep being sleep deprived. But who were these others the mermaids kept speaking of and new challenges would await?

Well WOW! I should say I expected some kind of surprise but in reality I didn’t. I thought we had hit the insanely cool twists in the last book but leave it to Gillian to hit another one in this book too. For me this is a series that just keeps on giving. You dive into a wonderful storyline that keeps you pulled in, addicts you to the characters and keeps you just wanting the pages to never end. The wait for the third book is undoubtedly going to drive me nuts…and it will you too, but it’s oh so worth it to read something this great:)

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  1. Christina your reviews are amazing, almong the best. Thank you so much.