Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Deadlocked - by Charlaine Harris

I have been a super Sookie Stackhouse fan since before there was ever a True Blood. It was totally awesome to meet Charlaine and get my picture with her. She truly is a spectacular and amazing woman. I was super excited for the release of Deadlocked and had been counting down the days till it's release. Let me tell you people, it was completely worth the wait!

Things between and Sookie and Eric had been on a decline ever since Appius's visit but they were still holding on. Bill still spends his time wishing for Sook and Pam is just as sarcastic and wonderful as ever. Felipe is due in town and with all the other turmoil is really just one more addition to the many problems gathering around. With Jannalynn being crazy jealous and everyone in the world warning her to watch out for Jannalynn it's almost like Sook can't pin down just where the trouble is going to come from. But that's normal...

Niall makes an appearance to take Claude off to Faery for awhile causing some trouble for Dermott and the Fae at Hooligans. It seems like we get to enjoy reading about anyone we have ever cared about in these books in this one. We hear from Quinn, of course Bubba makes an appearance, we have some Alcide, and we find out what really happened to Dermott. This book is just so jam packed and the end...OH MY GOD the end!!! It will just leave you breathless wanting more that you just can't have yet. I mean I was totally freaked out by the ending and now there are so many questions to answer!!! Just go read this book if your a Sook/True Blood fan:)

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