Friday, April 6, 2012

The Vampire Hunters Daughter - by Jennifer Wright

*Slightly spoilery review of first four books*

The initial book to this series The Vampires Hunters Daughter was free on Amazon and it sounded good so I grabbed it. Well let me tell you that first book is just a hook to pull you in:) The Vampires Daughter is written in such a way that you just cant wait to read more of the story.

Chloe had no clue who she was in fact it was that omitted piece of knowledge that had allowed her to live a semi-normal life. So when a bunch of strangers came trying to kidnap her, killing her mom in the process it was a lot to take in when she finally found out just who she was. The child half breed of a vampire & vampire hunter. Not only that but her father was the one who was responsible for sending the group that killed her mother. So what could she do about it all?

Fight back! Thats what she could do. Training hard with Drew while living with and learning about the world around her from Luke her grandfather was her new life. Oh there were other things that went on but life just wasnt the same. Chloe lived in a hunters community with hunter children and teens who had all known about this life since birth which only made her the odd one out. So when the choice came to leave the community so it could survive, the only question that would remain is had she trained hard enough and learned enough for the task before her...

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