Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Creatura - by Nely Cab

A truly amazing and unique read. Creatura is nothing like you would expect from any book out now.
Before I even read this book I threw all my preconceived notions out the door because I had read a few reviews of this book saying it would be truly unique and boy were they right. I had started reading it before I left for my Chicago weekend and was so busy while there I didnt have time to get to it. So last night I thought I would read a few chapters before bed....hmph. Yeah right! I ended up staying awake to finish the whole book. From the characters to the story line the book gets you pulled in.
While Isis might be a normal teenager she is really easy to identify with. She has a group of friends but isnt over the top popular, she comes from a single parent family, and she isnt extreme in any way but she has her own problems. You see the way she cares for people and the way her friends and family care for her, she is such a 3 dimensional character that you could picture her as a real person. Then there is David and while he is so not normal, let me tell you the awwwww factor will just grab you and not let go! I mean OMG ladies, its like "Can we please make this a real guy, oh and uh can he just give classes on romance?" David is simply AMAZING!!! Without giving anything away, ladies, you will want this man:)
Let me just say that in no way is it limited to just David and Isis but the cast of characters is just so wonderful you really dont want to miss just reading it for yourself. I know I havent really said much about the story line but trust me when I tell you that its for your own good!!! LOL. There are twist and wonderful turns that I just cant and wont spoil for you. What I will say so you dont think Im cruel is that the end is the biggest, baddest, most cliffy-cliffhanger ever!!! Ive already sent my tweet to Nely asking her if I can read her brain so I dont have to wait till the next book. Im betting she going to keep all that wonderfulness to herself and I will have to wait with the rest you. Its okay though, I will EAGERLY await the sequel and so will you!


  1. I have read good things about this book. I like the enthusiasm of your review.
    Jess@ Jessy's Bookends

    1. Trust me this is a book you want to read! You can follow the author on Twitter or on FB. Occasionally there are contests for the book if you haven't purchased it yet:) Thank you for the comment and for the follow:)