Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ember - by Madison Daniel

One like light and one like darkness, but who will Max choose?

Life hadn’t been perfect for Max but whose life had? The island would hopefully be a place to start over and maybe living with his uncle would do him some good. But what do they say about the best intentions? After his very first day Max was already in trouble, but not in the law breaking kind of way. No, he was pulled in by a dark and dangerous girl who intrigued him like no other. So seeing her the first day of school wasn’t a huge surprise but what he found out would be. Not only did his dark haired beauty not attend school but she was only there to see her girlfriend Lucy and if Asia was dark and dangerous then Lucy was venom. Lucy immediately staked her claim to Asia and warned Max to stay away, but with his feelings he didn’t know if it would be possible.

Then there was Sam. Sam had snuck her way into his life by way of his uncle. She had been there to pick him up his first morning of school and for every way that Asia had been dark and dangerous Sam was sweet and kind. She was just that kind of girl who was easy to be around and talk to, exuding confidence. In all honest Max couldn’t help but feel for her too. But would Sam’s ex ever really understand she was done with him?

With the two girls playing tug of war with his heart and the other people affected by their decisions will any of them be left with choices to make or will things be decided for them?

What a great read! I cannot wait for Downpour the next book in the series. Not to mention with all the Ember teasers on Madison Daniels Facebook page it just is making the wait worse.

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