Sunday, April 8, 2012

Illumine - Alivia Anders

From knowing nothing of magic to being the sacrifice for a demon can play with anyones emotions especially when it’s your own best friend and boyfriend doing the sacrificing. Yet by some unknown miracle the demon can no more touch Essallie than we could grab thin air…but now he knows who she is!

After 5 months of demon hallucinations and still trying to be normal Essallie wants nothing more than to finish out her senior year as easily possible. So imagine her surprise when she finally gives in and goes to a party only to have the object of her hallucinations show up in the flesh. It’s him, the demon Kayden and he has tracked her all the way to Maine. The real question is will she believe him when he tells her she has powers? I know even if I did believe him the simple fact that it was a Demon encouraging me to use them would really make me wonder why.

After persuasion, fits, and finally a fever Essallie has no choice but to accept who and what she is. The real question is can she master her own powers in time for everything that’s to come?

Alivia Anders is a great tease leaving us hanging at the end of the book only to end up wanting more. I cannot wait to see where the next story will lead us and to find out what will happen with Essallie and Kayden now. Not to mention where this leaves Ursula and what will she do about it?

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