Saturday, May 26, 2012

Raised by Wolves 2 - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

In the exciting sequel to Raised by Wolves Bryn has her own pack now made up of all the wolves whom she had rescued when she killed the man who had tried to turn her but now she has to protect her pack. While she may be a great Alpha she is still at a disadvantage since she is human and all the other Alphas are weres. Still she is managing well and has established quite a family within her pack. So when a foreign wolf shows up wanting entry into the pack which would also be going against some of the pack laws the question is can she save this wolf while keeping her family safe?

Lucas had been tortured by Shay the asshat alpha of the Snake Bend Pack and showed up literally broken on Bryns front step. Not many in Bryns pack are willing to trust him or even want him around but he is getting close to Maddy and for Maddy, Lucas going back to Shay isnt an option. Plus Shay isnt the only one who is after Lucas, it seems there are some humans who want a piece of him too and these humans may be more threatening than any other pack.

Can Bryn save Lucas, her pack, and keep Maddy's faith in her all at the same time? Find out when you read this freaking awesome and amazing book Raised by Wolves Trial by Fire.

I am in LOVE with series and it is one of the ones I will now be addicted to. I scored book one for free and book two was already out. I was lucky because book 3 was due out in a couple days so I didnt have long to wait to see what happened following this one and you wont have a wait for book 3 either. Its waiting for book 4 that will kill you!!!

Rasied by Wolves 1 - by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I was lucky enough to get the first book in this series for free while it was on sale and I do mean lucky. I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVE this series and am freaking out waiting for book 4. Book 3 just came out so you can imagine how long my wait will be...

Bryn wasnt your average teenager she hadnt been average since the frightening night she had been rescued by Callum. From that day on her life was all about surviving in a pack of werewolves when she herself was human. Bryn wasn't like normal humans who were in the pack in that she wasnt a mate to any of the wolves, she was a child the alpha had marked as his own which caused some issue within the pack. Being under the Alphas protection nobody from within the pack and not even other packs could touch her without fear of reprisal unless it was done under pack law.

In her entire existance she would have never believed Callum capable of allowing harm to come to her but when she goes against pack law she seemingly forces his hand but not without Ali, Bryn's human caregiver within the pack, coming to a decision that would change everything. At her new location with Lake, her best friend and female wolf, things weren't exactly getting any better and there was going to be a lot that would be up to Bryn to deal with.

Facing down your worst fears is hard especially when it really is every nightmare youve ever had come alive but when it means saving a bunch of kids you really have no choice and neither does Bryn.

You will love this story just as much as I did. It has everything...Love, friendship, betrayal, and so many wonderful twist and turns that will leave you just oh so happy to keep reading. Lucky for anyone just starting this series there is already 3 books out but like I stated earlier Im going to be in serious wait for book 4. Hope you all get the chance to pick up this great book in the start to a wonderful series.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hippocampus - by Tom Tancin

Star swimmer and hopeful for the regionals, Trey was just your everyday heartthrob at his school. Girls waited their turn for dates but there wasn’t anyone serious and all of Trey’s real energy went to swimming. When he starts hearing a woman screaming in the water Trey believes he has lost it and with the increase in visions his chance at regionals disappears as well. But now he has no choice but to explore his visions and discover what they mean. As it turns out Grandpa is just the one who can help, but will he leave more answers than questions?

With unbelievable things happening around him and his sudden relocation it’s up to Trey to learn as much as he can about himself and his new surroundings so that he can save everyone he cares about. With a little help and some cool self-discoveries there is a chance that Trey may just be able to learn everything he needs to. But the people around him are in constant danger from execution and even helping him means death and for Trey it just cannot be allowed to continue this way. But will all of his training and lessons pay off or will he end up losing anyways?

What a GREAT book I absolutely LOVED it!!! The title is just perfect for the book and fits on so many levels. I cant decide if the end was left at a good place or bad place as all I know is how much I cannot wait to read the next book. Apparently I, along with you have to wait till next year for that which is highly disappointing as this story is definitely addicting. I will be eagerly awaiting the sequel.  

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pretty Amy - by Lisa Burstein

Any book that can provoke feeling and emotion is a book that you know has you hooked because you have already taken the time to care...this is that kind of book. Pretty Amy, annoying mother. I have to tell you all that throughout the entire book I wanted to punch Amy's mom in the face. She simply annoyed the crap out of me and I often found myself thinking that had she been my mother I would have run far away. 

I think everyone popular or not, in some ways want to be different or at the very least understand the feeling. So what if you could make your life different and everything about you? Well thats what Amy did, she went from being the generally good kid to the one who hung out with the "slutty" girls hanging out under the bleachers smoking or off somewhere drinking. The acquaintance she had previously had with her mother was now reduced to yelling matches and she rarely spent time with her father.

With the arrest after prom and the resulting charges her mother was all but insane and her father just didnt have the stones to stand up to her mom and be the father that Amy truly needed. The truth was that neither one of them was there for Amy and in Amy's mind neither was anyone of the people they tried to shove into her life and force her to deal with. But even though all she wished for was her friends the truth was she was dealing with everything in her own way on her own time. The real question was who were her friends and who could she really count on?

I have to say that as much as the mom annoyed me I really loved this book. I mean finally someone writing a story like this from the perspective of the teen and they actually get it!!! I think a lot of the  time there is either adult or parental inflection that influences the writing and character of the teen in a book like this. In this case I think it was addressed as though an actual teen going through this particular problem would be. I dont know if what drove me crazy about the mom is that I knew parents like that or the fact that she acted all woe is me when she shouldve stopped her daughter on that path earlier. It was like it wasn't about her daughter but more about her. I guess again it was written wonderfully because really if the intent was that she seem overbearing and possibly a root of the entire problem it was perfect! I think it will be fun to see if anyone takes the mom side or thinks the way I do. It isnt like I think Amy was being intelligent but just....well you have to read it to know what Im talking about. While Amy isnt right, the mom is just wrong!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Obsidian - by Jennifer Armentrout

Ive had Obsidian on my Kindle for awhile but had so many books lined up to read that it took me some time to get to it. Well shame on me!!! I only hurt myself by waiting to read such a great book and I am truly happy to say that I can already go out and get the previous book in the series Shadows which I am going to get as soon as I have book money again:)

Katy is just a normal teenager who was forced to move to new town. Not that she would throw a fit at her mom and she understood why but it was a pain all the same to move. So when she meets her jerkface next door neighbor whom she was just asking directions from she figures her book blog might just be about the best thing for her here. As it turns out she couldnt be wrong. The jerkface has a wonderful sister who is just abotu everything you could want in a friend.

So with Katy and Dee spending time together Jerkface AKA Daemon also comes around but not for any reason other than to tell Katy to go away. His pushy, rude and outright mean manner are enough to make anyone want to stay away but not Katy, Dee was worth Daemons crap. The odd thing was that it wasnt just Daemon the whole town was just weird and with Daemons ex Ash's intro he went from being grade A jerkface to outright Asshat going so far as to embarrass Katy in front of the cafeteria. But that seemed to be Dee's trigger. She would get Daemon to be nice even if she had to hide his car key and force and him to spend tiem with Katy to do it.

The real question was if it was such a good idea that Katy and Daemon get closer?

I absolutely LOVED this book it was really fun and interesting to read. I cannot wait to get my hands on the first book and lucky for me the third is about to be released in Aug. One of the coolest things I can tell you all about right now is the #DaemonInvasion. So for anyone who doesnt know about the #DaemonInvasion let me give you some info. Jennifer Armentrout and the models for books in the LUX series will be traveling around doing book signings. That's right the AUTHOR AND THE MODELS!!! The tour will kick off in Georgia on June 8th. For anyone interested there is a Lux Series tumblr account that you can follow here: it will give you all the latest and greatest info. So what are you waiting for...prepare to be Invaded:)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Of Darkness and Light - by Lily Crussell

Elora was your average girl without many friends but Thomas was there for her and so was his sister Sarah even if their evil controlling mother didn't want them around Elora. Her parents were never around and she basically raised herself but that was fine with her she wasn't like most teens and never would be, she was actually a pretty good kid. So she was used to being alone and dealing with things all by herself but when weird things started happening she didn't really know who to turn to. Even Thomas might think she was crazy and maybe she was.

When an odd stranger shows up and changes Elora's perception on everything she is left with more questions than answers but at least for now the strange activity seems to have subsided. The more her and Jack become friends the less time she has for Thomas and Sarah but turns out that Sarah has her own man and hasn't been around for Thomas either. As things begin to get all types of strange again Jack disappears but the appearance of one of his friends is just the Elora needs to try to get things back the way she wants. The real question was could they save things or would Elora have to make choices she never thought possible? Who would be sucked into the problem with her and could everyone come out okay?

Yes my friends its a book completely void of vampires, werewolves, and witches and YES its Wonderful!!! I loved this book from beginning to end. One of the biggest things I love about Elora is the fact that she is one of the strongest people ever but doesn't really see herself that way. While she may seem to become dependent it is just her when it comes down to it. Im happy to say that this isnt a stand alone book, the story is too long and wonderful for that. There's going to be a sequel. Thank YOU for that since I really want to read more about the amazingly awesome characters in this book:)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sex and RPIT - Beauty by Laurell K Hamilton

While she was writing Kiss the Dead a question was posed on FB about what we wanted to see and the two most popular answers were sex and RPIT. Beauty delivers both. Although not sex with the RPIT members, sorry you pervs if that's what you wanted but sex with Dolph and Zebrowski would be WRONG! LOL:)

One of the funniest things I have read so far regarding Beauty has been from a woman on Twitter who said she was happy that she was not a male while reading as she had read the book on a commuter train. I couldn't help but laugh aloud and wonder how many men suffer from this while reading L. K's books. She writes such wonderfully, explicit, and awesome sex scenes and c'mon you know you get turned on:) Really when you come to think about it, more men should love Anita. She doesn't give a shit about fighting and is really good at sex. I mean the only reason for a guy not like her is because they are intimidated!  I mean my favorite line has to be when Anita says "This was one princess who could rescue her own damn self."

For being as short as it is Beauty manages to give you a double dose of two characters you love. In just a few wonderful pages you get a great sex scene with Jean Claude and Asher then you move on to a short kick ass story with Zebrowski and Dolph.  But remember this is just that tiny tide over till Kiss the Dead hits shelves on June 5th!

Monday, May 7, 2012

I was captivated by Embrace - by Stacey Rourke

So I read the Conduit a while back and really liked the book. It was based on a totally unique premise and while some of the supernatural creatures we normally see made an appearance there was a lot of new stuff too. Stacey had created a wonderful story that wold truly bring you in and in this sequel she does it again.

For her siblings finding a balance between their everyday lives and their powers was something that was coming easy but for Celeste there just wasn't going to be that balance. Not when anyone she could like or even befriend would be in danger just from being in her proximity. After all, with her powers and being the chosen one, it made her a target for all the demons who wanted to harm her or the Griffon so even having friends was out of the question. She had already experienced the pain of losing someone to the demons and even now that problem was still on going.

So when Caleb walks into her life and seems to want to get to know her better Celeste is leery of trying anything new. With her sister's and Sophie's encouragement she goes out with Caleb and is pleasantly surprised that she could fall for him but still...there was always that chance that he could be a target. Then you had the demon Rowen entering the picture claiming that there were some demons who were forced into their demonic roles who didnt want to be a part of any of this and that she, Celeste should help save them. As if! Yet with the appearence of the demon Glee Squad, Celeste couldn't help but wonder if maybe Rowan could be telling the truth.

With so many players on the field and the new information coming in who could really be trusted and can Celeste find a balance to her life?

Stacey you have hooked me again and with an ending like this I think I may go crazy waiting for the new book. What am I to do? Currently there is a giveaway going on to win a statue of the Griffon of this series and my only thought is that I must win Merv to keep me company during my long wait till the new book arrives. Anyone interested in winning Merv can read Embrace themselves and leave a post of it on Stacey Rourke's author page on FB by May 30th for a chance to win as well. Stacey deserves all the wonderful reviews she can get for this great book...BUT I TELL YOU ALL, MERV IS MINE!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vampire's Ascending & Vampire's Trill - by Lorelei Bell

I had won Vampire's Trill in a contest so when it came and I realized it was the second book, I went out and got the first. Well, I read them both within a day of each other because they are just so well written with a lot to the story that keeps you involved.

Sabrina (Brie) has been a Touch Clairvoyant since she was born and no that does not mean she has a little clairvoyance, it means that her ability comes through touch. Consistently having to wear gloves in your everyday life can bring on questions, stares and other such things making you feel out place, but better to feel odd than to go into trances from touching things with too much memory to them. Only recently seperated from a scumbag who had cheated on her and looking for a job, Brie decides that working for a vampire might just be the right way to go. The world doesn't know about vampires and neither should she except that she had known since she was ten when her mother had said one final goodbye that vampires were real and her mother was one.

The night of the interview would be the night that seemed to start everything for Brie, though she would have no clue that had been in motion for a very long time. Before even making it to the interview an attack alters the way things would have gone down and Brie is thrust directly into a world not only full of vampires but shifters, werewolves, elves, leprechauns, demons, and witches. Crooked schemes and betrayals are abundant when everyone wants more power than they have and only a few people around can be trusted. But who can Brie trust? Can she trust in Nicholas the vampire who is in charge of her area and who hired her or Liam and Heath who are to watch over her? With so many players in the picture can everyone be trusted or has the inner circle been infiltrated?

With everything going down and things in their current situation even the one person Brie knows she can trust for sure can't be there for her and what's worse is her believing he could fix it. Dante had become a lot to her since they had met and now things even with him couldn't be the same. It almost seemed as if no relationship was clicking just right, not friends or lovers. Still, trying to stay alive and getting things back to normal would have to take top priority over everything. Not to mention finding out who had been brain behind the master plan but would there be a way to put things right?

I know that none of the character names I have mentioned mean a thing to you now but they will. Lorelei is great at getting you involved with her characters and sucking you into their world. While you can see some influence of other writers the story is uniquely all her own and wonderfully written. Another thing you notice is that are a lot of characters to get to know in these two books but the really cool thing is you dont find yourself getting confused because there is enough character involvement and background (current story) that you get to know who all the players are without the overlong simple description. In fact one thing you dont see in this book is simple description. Lorelei shows you the world she creates she doesn't just tell you about it. These are two really great reads that I think a lot people can enjoy. Not for the young readers though, there are a few adult scenes:)


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1 day and 2 hours left

Sparkling Reviews has some of the of the best giveaways I have ever seen going on right now. You only have 1 day and 2hours left to enter for these so you really want to get over there and get those entries in!!!

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Sparkling Reviews has some of the of the best giveaways I have ever seen going on right now. Giveaway #1: is for a Macbook

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Giveaway #3: is for a FREAKING TRIP TO ITALY!!!!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Deadlocked - by Charlaine Harris

I have been a super Sookie Stackhouse fan since before there was ever a True Blood. It was totally awesome to meet Charlaine and get my picture with her. She truly is a spectacular and amazing woman. I was super excited for the release of Deadlocked and had been counting down the days till it's release. Let me tell you people, it was completely worth the wait!

Things between and Sookie and Eric had been on a decline ever since Appius's visit but they were still holding on. Bill still spends his time wishing for Sook and Pam is just as sarcastic and wonderful as ever. Felipe is due in town and with all the other turmoil is really just one more addition to the many problems gathering around. With Jannalynn being crazy jealous and everyone in the world warning her to watch out for Jannalynn it's almost like Sook can't pin down just where the trouble is going to come from. But that's normal...

Niall makes an appearance to take Claude off to Faery for awhile causing some trouble for Dermott and the Fae at Hooligans. It seems like we get to enjoy reading about anyone we have ever cared about in these books in this one. We hear from Quinn, of course Bubba makes an appearance, we have some Alcide, and we find out what really happened to Dermott. This book is just so jam packed and the end...OH MY GOD the end!!! It will just leave you breathless wanting more that you just can't have yet. I mean I was totally freaked out by the ending and now there are so many questions to answer!!! Just go read this book if your a Sook/True Blood fan:)