Sunday, April 22, 2012

Night Myst and Night Veil - by Yasmine Galenorn

I had already read these books long before I started my blog. I just didn't want to write a review based on my memory so I just figured that I would re-read them so it would be fresh in my mind. In all intentions I was just going to read Night Myst then review it then re0read Night Veil but of course it didn't turn out that way. It was like seeing an old friend and getting sucked into a long conversation. Once I started reading I couldn't put the series down! The books are AMAZING!!!
Cicely finally is ready to go home even though it isn't under the best of circumstances. Life has gotten crazy around the town of New Forest, the only place she had ever called home. Everyone who was born with magic blood was being killed or disappearing and even the strongest witch in the area had been murdered. What's worse is that the town law enforcement wasn't going to help anyone not even when regular people began being killed.
But returning home would prove to be much more difficult than Cicely could imagine. Not only did she have to try to sort things out with her long lost love but she had to figure out what was plaguing the town. From what it seemed no part of her life was going to be easy but it never had been. Her mom had been bloodwhore and junkie who had dragged her along for the druggie ride. Now it seemed she would have even worse on her plate.
A war between supernaturals was brewing and Cicely was going to be the fulcrum for the events. With Vampires on one side, Fae playing around in the pieces, and the dark vampiric fae all wanting various pieces of her for various reasons Cicely's life would never be her's as long as the war was going to rage. So what could be done so everyone could come out alive?
Well we don't know but I sure want to! We are only on book two of the series and already Im eating it up. I just can't wait for the next book and while it may seem like there wasn't much of a review for two books it simply because there is so much that needs to be revealed in it's own time.
Cicely and her love for Grieve and his for her transcends lifetimes and lots of people want that. The best thing about their relationship though is that it isn't sappy for as strong as it is. They have such a hard time being together and trying to have a life. I mean everything stands in their way and yet no matter what it is always them fighting to be together...that's love.
Lannan, well what can I say. I kind of have a soft spot for him that I am hoping to be right about. I mean if he is who I suspect behind the asshole exterior he will be a force to be reckoned with for Cicely's affections:) Leo is Douche, nuff said.
Peyton, Luna, and Rhia all have so far to go to come into their own and each one will be a powerful force in her own right. The development of each of them will be a pleasure to read no matter how it come about. I have been truly impressed with each of the women in this series even Myst herself.
The strong female characters are just awesome and well written in a way that they are easy to relate to on so many levels. I hate superficial and Cicely, Rhia, and Peyton are not. There are just so many wonderful facets to this story that I couldn't address them all. I mean these books have everything in it, vampires, Fae, hybrids, humans, witches, and all sorts of twisted or lovely creatures. I guess the real question is how far do you want to let your imagination take you because these books will take you to a wonderful world full of everything you could want from a book. The only warning I give you is that the next book isn't due out till July 3rd and these books will leave you wanting to read more!!!!

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