Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Energy - MJ Schutte

Well let me start off by saying even the cover to this wonderful story is amazing. When you get into the book itself it turns out its a very unique and wonderful story line:) The story of Brighton and Lillian is a tale that will lead through death, darkness, and dozens of other trials as they try to make the world around them better and find their place in it.
As a child who wouldnt crush on someone they had been close to forever? SO it was natural for Lillian to have feelings for Brighton although he being older didnt feel right about having feelings for her. But oh what a tale fate (MJ) can weave!
We can only imagine the world Lillian was forced to live in before she and Brighton were able to reunite and I dont think it would have been all that fun. I mean Adri's actions alone when she first meets Brighton give you some hint at how bad things were where Lillian was, it's just a good thing for her that she had the position she did. I was really happy that Adri survived and became a semi-main character. What I like more is that Adri wasnt some wimpyfied girl who would stay that way. She became a real fighter. This story isnt just another happy ending fairy tale kind of a book. It gives you real struggles and real situations that would occur in a time of fighting and mistrust.
With all the death and problems that they face I think the birth of Mischief was great to add a little lightness and happiness to prepare you for whats to come. I mean who would guess how it would turn out? The way the bond develops between Brighton and Mischief is simply amazing and wonderful (yep, I think Im a little jealous:)). For me thats one of the best parts. However losing Velvet was one of the worst. I admit I cried, I couldnt help it.
I also like the story that develops between Brac and Adri leaving me to wonder whats ahead for them. After all Adri went through she deserves a little happiness. I was really glad that in the end at least Adri and Brac were able to be happy together. One thing that does leave me curious is the disappearance of Mischief at the end of the book...I would have liked to have known he is okay before it wrapped up rather than just have had speculation. All in all a good read that makes you want to go out and get the next book

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