Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reading Road Trip - Nevada

Hey Everyone!

Who's enjoying all the stops on this trip? I am hosting the great state of Nevada and the book up for grabs on my stop is Skin Trade by L.K Hamilton. In Skin Trade we meet up once again with Vampire Hunter/Necromancer Anita Blake as she hunts down a vampire serial killer. This isn't the first time Anita has met up with Vittorio which is why he has taken a personal interest in her, enough that he sends her a severed head invitation to come catch him in Nevada. Aside from catching Vittorio Anita also has to contend with Olaf and his obsession along with a clan of white tigers, one of whom she claimed as her own.
While we all know Anita always makes it out of everything the real question is who will end up dead and how many more people will she tie herself to in the process?

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To win Skin Trade just leave me a comment with your email and I will happily gift you the book in whichever e-format you choose:)