Monday, April 16, 2012

RT & TVD Conventions

So I have to say I just had the best weekend EVER!!! I got to meet Charlaine Harris who if you don't know is the creator of the Sookie Stackhouse series without which you wouldnt have True Blood. She is an amazing woman and so incredibly friendly. The line for her signature was super long and limited but thanks to my wonderful other half, he held my place while I collected other signatures and I managed to be one of the ones that made it. I even got a picture with her which of course made me feel special since time for her was scarce. I had a huge fangirl moment over this and she didnt mind a bit. Of course none of the authors seemed to. I also got to meet the most wonderfully talented and amazing Yasmine Galenorn who writes The Indigo Court series as well as Sisters of the Moon/Otherworld Series. I had seen a little piece of her tattoos in a pic but she told me she had lots of ink. Yasmine was not kidding, she has tons. I love tattoos so that was just super cool. She signed some books or me from her sereis and I got a few minutes to talk with her. She is going to be doing an amazing project with her fans called the Street Team for more on that you can visit her blog here: I have to say I am a huge fan of hers and it was just so amazing to meet her and get the chance to talk with her in person.

Now for the TVD convention. First off let me say this Daniel Gillies (Elijah), Jamie Cristlow (Ian Somerhalders doppelganger), and Paul Wesley (Stefan) are the most amazing people. I got a few extra seconds with Daniel on two separate occasions and both times he was just so easy to talk to and so very sweet. When I went to get my photo with him and Micheal Trevino (Tyler), Micheal had known the girls in front of me so he was talking to them and Daniel just stuck his hand out like and was like "Hi, Im Daniel." after my brain kicked back in I was like "Hey Im Christina." and we just talked for a few minutes. Mostly about twitter but still it was fun. When Michael finally turned around he almost ran into me and I was like hey and we posed for shot but that was cool too. I didnt really didnt get to interact too much with Michael but his panel was funny. I missed Mat Davis's (Alric) panel because I was at the RT convention but I had really just wanted to hear him say I love you Pooh Bear which is from his movie Legally Blonde. I did get the chance to get my pic taken with Paul, Zach Roerig (Matt), and David Anders (Uncle John) and that was pretty amazing. Zach was dancing and singing to the music in between photos in his red jeans and blue shirt it was really funny. I got everyones autograph except Torreys which was disappointing but hers was too late for me to make it home. I almost had to miss out on all of Sundays autographs because of a time cruch but luckily I managed to score one the banners that put you at the front of the autograph line. Now I have a ginormous Zach Roerig banner with his awesome signature right across it!

I have to discuss with all Jamie Cristlow. For anyone who doesnt know who he is, he is an actor who looks just like Ian Somerhalder. I mean people were getting confused all But I have to tell you he is the most sweetest man ever along with Daniel. I mean he did free photos with everyone, was making sure all the little girls that were fans got pics, he was even pushing one fan around in his wheel chair to get pics! At one point he was on stage doing a panel with TV After Dark and a little girl was on stage with him and he dropped down to one knee so he was her height. It was like "Awwwwwww" If you ever hear about him or any projects he is doing he deserves tons of support!!! He didnt have to be there, he wasnt even part of teh cast but he still did this for everyone that shows a huge heart right there. Again I cant say enough how amazing he is and how much time he took with everyone. If you ever read this Jamie...THANK YOU!

To wrap it up I have to say it was pretty clear this past weekend at TVD who the real starts of the show were and who actually care about their fans. They showed up and gave us great panels and were awesome enough to do autographs and pics too. Its wonderful that the cast members realize its the fans that make their show a hit and that they took the time to share with us.

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