Friday, April 6, 2012

Katie's Hellion -by Lizzy Ford (Book 1 Rhyn's Trilogy)

*Spoilers* Have you ever really thought about what you would do if your life was just suddenly ripped from your hands and thrust into a world you had no understanding of? Well neither did Katie.

One day she is just the average person with no real direction other than her average jobs and the next thing she knows she is a mom with a 5 year old child. Everyone around her remembers her son except her and the only thing Katie can do is think they are all crazy. Whats even more crazy is the "Death Dealer" who has been following her around ever since the child showed up. It is almost immediately that even more things start coming out of the wood work to intrude on her normal life. Katie is expected to believe that there are immortals and Ancients among other sorts of in the dark creepies. As her life is stripped away from normal who will she be able to turn to?

Rhyn is a half breed who had never had anyone to care about nor had anyone cared for maybe Andre but even Andre couldnt keep him out of hell. After living in hell for so long he had no expectation of getting out until Katie tries to make her own escape. All of a sudden Rhyn is free from hell with the girl whom he has been charged to protect. Yet she is so much more. Katie is the one thing he just cant comprehend. With everything that comes to exist between them will they be able to navigate the treacherous and crazy world they exist in and both make it out alive?

I havent been able to get the sequel yet but it's out there and I am definitely going to get it:)

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