Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shade's Loss

I would recommend this to book to anyone.The story itself is great and I hope there is a sequel coming…

I think everyone just really wants someone to care for them the way Damon comes to care for Shade. A 700 year old vampire who barely interacts with humans and yet his caring and compassion would rival just about anyone but only when it comes to her. That kind of devotion is truly hard to come by. What I find to be the most funny is that normally I wouldn’t even like a character like Shade. I would find her too weak or too much the victim. Yet in her case I found that I was able to like her character even with all her weakness but it was because she didn’t want to allow herself to continue to be the victim. Shade tried to work through her fears and issues as much for Damon as for herself which to me showed she had a strength waiting to emerge. Boy does she ever!!! I love that Shade turns out to be just as bad ass as Damon when it really comes down to it. I have to say I am even slightly jealous of Shade. I mean she has Damon's love, vampire strength, plus she can shift into a pimp black panther...talk about the best of both supernatural worlds. That doesn't even count the non-sparkley daywalking which is cool too. In a way I don't get where it's Shade's Loss but more of her gain.

As far as Shayla goes in a way I understand why she did what she did. I can even understand why she would believe that her actions were what was best. Make no mistake though she is the one who put this in motion in the first place. At least that’s how I see it. Yet still, I don’t really like her or want her to be with Mikhail. I am truly curious to see where that part of the story goes if there is another book. I mean I don’t know if I could be with a mate like that and Mikhail doesn’t even seem to really like her. Plus I want to find out where Damon and Shade stand in the world now not to mention if Gideon really is able to get control. Plus what I want to know is if Shayla is even more evil than we thought now that she can have more power?

As an added side note: I remember Gideon's mate saying that even though she loved Gideon she still held him responsible for her turning. It seems to me that her and Mikhail have a lot more in common now than she ever did with Shade. So what will that mean if Gideon and Shayla are suppose to be in charge together? Will Mikhail meet her? Hmmmmmmmm.......

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