Saturday, March 31, 2012

Willow Cross

I was introduced to Willows writing while grabbing some free Kindle books. I had picked up Oceans of Red volume one and thought it sounded interesting. Boy was it! Without getting too spoilery it has to do with Demons and our (Humanities) fight to save ourselves. My only complaint was the book was way too short for such a wonderful start to a story. Almost right away I went out and grabbed Oceans of Red volume two and loved it as well. So I knew already when I began my third book by Willow that I would probably like was The Dark Gifts: Birthright. Wow!!! was my first thought. Willow simply has a way with words that bring you into the world she so perfectly weaves. While a lot of stories take some build up to get you into the action this one starts right off with Liz's transformation. You are hauled right away into a world that neither you or Liz understands and you learn with her the rules of being a vampire and the bond that binds her to Michael. Before she can even get a handle on her new world and the fact that she can no longer be part of the family she had before she was turned she is thrust into even more danger by a greedy, heartless, old vampire who has had it out for her for who knows how long...
I have to say that when she meets the witches it is one of the best parts ever and little what a twist. All along I thought it was William. Even now at the end of the book I am left to wonder where is Cass and Dan? Will they be back? Is Jenna and Angie really okay?
If you haven't read this yet what are you waiting for??? As a little added side note for those of you like me who can't wait for the next book as soon as they are's already out there! It's called Inheritance:)

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