Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rasied by Wolves 1 - by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I was lucky enough to get the first book in this series for free while it was on sale and I do mean lucky. I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVE this series and am freaking out waiting for book 4. Book 3 just came out so you can imagine how long my wait will be...

Bryn wasnt your average teenager she hadnt been average since the frightening night she had been rescued by Callum. From that day on her life was all about surviving in a pack of werewolves when she herself was human. Bryn wasn't like normal humans who were in the pack in that she wasnt a mate to any of the wolves, she was a child the alpha had marked as his own which caused some issue within the pack. Being under the Alphas protection nobody from within the pack and not even other packs could touch her without fear of reprisal unless it was done under pack law.

In her entire existance she would have never believed Callum capable of allowing harm to come to her but when she goes against pack law she seemingly forces his hand but not without Ali, Bryn's human caregiver within the pack, coming to a decision that would change everything. At her new location with Lake, her best friend and female wolf, things weren't exactly getting any better and there was going to be a lot that would be up to Bryn to deal with.

Facing down your worst fears is hard especially when it really is every nightmare youve ever had come alive but when it means saving a bunch of kids you really have no choice and neither does Bryn.

You will love this story just as much as I did. It has everything...Love, friendship, betrayal, and so many wonderful twist and turns that will leave you just oh so happy to keep reading. Lucky for anyone just starting this series there is already 3 books out but like I stated earlier Im going to be in serious wait for book 4. Hope you all get the chance to pick up this great book in the start to a wonderful series.

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