Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sex and RPIT - Beauty by Laurell K Hamilton

While she was writing Kiss the Dead a question was posed on FB about what we wanted to see and the two most popular answers were sex and RPIT. Beauty delivers both. Although not sex with the RPIT members, sorry you pervs if that's what you wanted but sex with Dolph and Zebrowski would be WRONG! LOL:)

One of the funniest things I have read so far regarding Beauty has been from a woman on Twitter who said she was happy that she was not a male while reading as she had read the book on a commuter train. I couldn't help but laugh aloud and wonder how many men suffer from this while reading L. K's books. She writes such wonderfully, explicit, and awesome sex scenes and c'mon you know you get turned on:) Really when you come to think about it, more men should love Anita. She doesn't give a shit about fighting and is really good at sex. I mean the only reason for a guy not like her is because they are intimidated!  I mean my favorite line has to be when Anita says "This was one princess who could rescue her own damn self."

For being as short as it is Beauty manages to give you a double dose of two characters you love. In just a few wonderful pages you get a great sex scene with Jean Claude and Asher then you move on to a short kick ass story with Zebrowski and Dolph.  But remember this is just that tiny tide over till Kiss the Dead hits shelves on June 5th!

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  1. Anita Blake is one character that I have followed from the very beginning and will always be anxious for the next installment, I even click the preorder as soon as it is posted LOL I only have a couple that I am able to do this with and LKH is always on my list :) Thanks for sharing today.