Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hippocampus - by Tom Tancin

Star swimmer and hopeful for the regionals, Trey was just your everyday heartthrob at his school. Girls waited their turn for dates but there wasn’t anyone serious and all of Trey’s real energy went to swimming. When he starts hearing a woman screaming in the water Trey believes he has lost it and with the increase in visions his chance at regionals disappears as well. But now he has no choice but to explore his visions and discover what they mean. As it turns out Grandpa is just the one who can help, but will he leave more answers than questions?

With unbelievable things happening around him and his sudden relocation it’s up to Trey to learn as much as he can about himself and his new surroundings so that he can save everyone he cares about. With a little help and some cool self-discoveries there is a chance that Trey may just be able to learn everything he needs to. But the people around him are in constant danger from execution and even helping him means death and for Trey it just cannot be allowed to continue this way. But will all of his training and lessons pay off or will he end up losing anyways?

What a GREAT book I absolutely LOVED it!!! The title is just perfect for the book and fits on so many levels. I cant decide if the end was left at a good place or bad place as all I know is how much I cannot wait to read the next book. Apparently I, along with you have to wait till next year for that which is highly disappointing as this story is definitely addicting. I will be eagerly awaiting the sequel.  

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