Sunday, May 13, 2012

Of Darkness and Light - by Lily Crussell

Elora was your average girl without many friends but Thomas was there for her and so was his sister Sarah even if their evil controlling mother didn't want them around Elora. Her parents were never around and she basically raised herself but that was fine with her she wasn't like most teens and never would be, she was actually a pretty good kid. So she was used to being alone and dealing with things all by herself but when weird things started happening she didn't really know who to turn to. Even Thomas might think she was crazy and maybe she was.

When an odd stranger shows up and changes Elora's perception on everything she is left with more questions than answers but at least for now the strange activity seems to have subsided. The more her and Jack become friends the less time she has for Thomas and Sarah but turns out that Sarah has her own man and hasn't been around for Thomas either. As things begin to get all types of strange again Jack disappears but the appearance of one of his friends is just the Elora needs to try to get things back the way she wants. The real question was could they save things or would Elora have to make choices she never thought possible? Who would be sucked into the problem with her and could everyone come out okay?

Yes my friends its a book completely void of vampires, werewolves, and witches and YES its Wonderful!!! I loved this book from beginning to end. One of the biggest things I love about Elora is the fact that she is one of the strongest people ever but doesn't really see herself that way. While she may seem to become dependent it is just her when it comes down to it. Im happy to say that this isnt a stand alone book, the story is too long and wonderful for that. There's going to be a sequel. Thank YOU for that since I really want to read more about the amazingly awesome characters in this book:)

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