Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vampire's Ascending & Vampire's Trill - by Lorelei Bell

I had won Vampire's Trill in a contest so when it came and I realized it was the second book, I went out and got the first. Well, I read them both within a day of each other because they are just so well written with a lot to the story that keeps you involved.

Sabrina (Brie) has been a Touch Clairvoyant since she was born and no that does not mean she has a little clairvoyance, it means that her ability comes through touch. Consistently having to wear gloves in your everyday life can bring on questions, stares and other such things making you feel out place, but better to feel odd than to go into trances from touching things with too much memory to them. Only recently seperated from a scumbag who had cheated on her and looking for a job, Brie decides that working for a vampire might just be the right way to go. The world doesn't know about vampires and neither should she except that she had known since she was ten when her mother had said one final goodbye that vampires were real and her mother was one.

The night of the interview would be the night that seemed to start everything for Brie, though she would have no clue that had been in motion for a very long time. Before even making it to the interview an attack alters the way things would have gone down and Brie is thrust directly into a world not only full of vampires but shifters, werewolves, elves, leprechauns, demons, and witches. Crooked schemes and betrayals are abundant when everyone wants more power than they have and only a few people around can be trusted. But who can Brie trust? Can she trust in Nicholas the vampire who is in charge of her area and who hired her or Liam and Heath who are to watch over her? With so many players in the picture can everyone be trusted or has the inner circle been infiltrated?

With everything going down and things in their current situation even the one person Brie knows she can trust for sure can't be there for her and what's worse is her believing he could fix it. Dante had become a lot to her since they had met and now things even with him couldn't be the same. It almost seemed as if no relationship was clicking just right, not friends or lovers. Still, trying to stay alive and getting things back to normal would have to take top priority over everything. Not to mention finding out who had been brain behind the master plan but would there be a way to put things right?

I know that none of the character names I have mentioned mean a thing to you now but they will. Lorelei is great at getting you involved with her characters and sucking you into their world. While you can see some influence of other writers the story is uniquely all her own and wonderfully written. Another thing you notice is that are a lot of characters to get to know in these two books but the really cool thing is you dont find yourself getting confused because there is enough character involvement and background (current story) that you get to know who all the players are without the overlong simple description. In fact one thing you dont see in this book is simple description. Lorelei shows you the world she creates she doesn't just tell you about it. These are two really great reads that I think a lot people can enjoy. Not for the young readers though, there are a few adult scenes:)


  1. Oh, thank you so much for this review, Christina! My whole week has been filled with coincidences, I think you were supposed to win my book!

    I will swing by again since I've just hit the follow button!

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  3. I really enjoyed your review and totally agree with you. I loved Vampire Ascending and have have Vampires Trill on my wishlist. I guess I will have to twist the budget gods' arm and get it now LOL Thank you for sharing. Your blog is lovely and I look forward to following :)

  4. Great review! Lorelei is a great writer. I love her stuff. Almost finished with Vampire's Trill myself.

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    Thank you Denise!
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    And again, I thank you Christina for posting it! I've got the link on my "Reviews" page at the bottom. Plus I shared it all over the place as well.

  6. Well WOW! Thank you Denise and Shelly for the comments!
    Thank you Lorelei for giving me a wonderful series to be addicted to and for sharing my review everywhere.