Saturday, May 26, 2012

Raised by Wolves 2 - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

In the exciting sequel to Raised by Wolves Bryn has her own pack now made up of all the wolves whom she had rescued when she killed the man who had tried to turn her but now she has to protect her pack. While she may be a great Alpha she is still at a disadvantage since she is human and all the other Alphas are weres. Still she is managing well and has established quite a family within her pack. So when a foreign wolf shows up wanting entry into the pack which would also be going against some of the pack laws the question is can she save this wolf while keeping her family safe?

Lucas had been tortured by Shay the asshat alpha of the Snake Bend Pack and showed up literally broken on Bryns front step. Not many in Bryns pack are willing to trust him or even want him around but he is getting close to Maddy and for Maddy, Lucas going back to Shay isnt an option. Plus Shay isnt the only one who is after Lucas, it seems there are some humans who want a piece of him too and these humans may be more threatening than any other pack.

Can Bryn save Lucas, her pack, and keep Maddy's faith in her all at the same time? Find out when you read this freaking awesome and amazing book Raised by Wolves Trial by Fire.

I am in LOVE with series and it is one of the ones I will now be addicted to. I scored book one for free and book two was already out. I was lucky because book 3 was due out in a couple days so I didnt have long to wait to see what happened following this one and you wont have a wait for book 3 either. Its waiting for book 4 that will kill you!!!

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