Monday, May 7, 2012

I was captivated by Embrace - by Stacey Rourke

So I read the Conduit a while back and really liked the book. It was based on a totally unique premise and while some of the supernatural creatures we normally see made an appearance there was a lot of new stuff too. Stacey had created a wonderful story that wold truly bring you in and in this sequel she does it again.

For her siblings finding a balance between their everyday lives and their powers was something that was coming easy but for Celeste there just wasn't going to be that balance. Not when anyone she could like or even befriend would be in danger just from being in her proximity. After all, with her powers and being the chosen one, it made her a target for all the demons who wanted to harm her or the Griffon so even having friends was out of the question. She had already experienced the pain of losing someone to the demons and even now that problem was still on going.

So when Caleb walks into her life and seems to want to get to know her better Celeste is leery of trying anything new. With her sister's and Sophie's encouragement she goes out with Caleb and is pleasantly surprised that she could fall for him but still...there was always that chance that he could be a target. Then you had the demon Rowen entering the picture claiming that there were some demons who were forced into their demonic roles who didnt want to be a part of any of this and that she, Celeste should help save them. As if! Yet with the appearence of the demon Glee Squad, Celeste couldn't help but wonder if maybe Rowan could be telling the truth.

With so many players on the field and the new information coming in who could really be trusted and can Celeste find a balance to her life?

Stacey you have hooked me again and with an ending like this I think I may go crazy waiting for the new book. What am I to do? Currently there is a giveaway going on to win a statue of the Griffon of this series and my only thought is that I must win Merv to keep me company during my long wait till the new book arrives. Anyone interested in winning Merv can read Embrace themselves and leave a post of it on Stacey Rourke's author page on FB by May 30th for a chance to win as well. Stacey deserves all the wonderful reviews she can get for this great book...BUT I TELL YOU ALL, MERV IS MINE!!!

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