Friday, March 30, 2012

Hello Everyone

So a little about me...My name is Christina and I love almost everything CW except ANTM I cannot stand that show. I am a huge True Blood fan both the books and the TV show and no the differences haven't bothered me. In fact I have to say I love TV Pam and Eric just as much as I love their book versions. Bill on the other hand well that is a different story LOL. I love to read almost anything paranormal and do so almost daily. I have been to one Twilight convention where I met Charlie Bewley, Peter Facinelli, and BooBoo Stewart which was a lot of fun. My next convention is TVD coming in April. I have to say I am super excited to meet Paul Wesley and Matt Davis. The only thing that will be missing is Candice Accola whom I would love to meet at least once. Oh and just a heads up...while I like the lovely Nina Dobrev and think she is wonderful as Katherine I am not a fan of Elena. So if you read me complaining about her I gave you fair warning:) I had read all of the TVD books until the recent ones that have not been written by LJ. I cant help it I just believ it is her series as far as the books go and just have no interest in reading them now.
I am not a fan of Adam on the Secret Circle either, actually I prefer Jake (if Cassie has to have a man that is). I have been a fan of Joe Lando (John Blackwell) for forever, since he was on OLTL and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. I have not read the Secret Circle books so any differences in the show have not bothered me.
So enough about me. I think you can see where my interests lay. I also have a huge interest in movies as well so dont be surprised to read my reviews about those as I see them.

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